Decorative Solar Outdoor Lantern


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With its black hue, this Decorative Solar Outdoor Lantern has a retro and traditional appeal. At night, it may produce a lovely olive pattern. A unique lantern to add to your outdoor decor.

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This Decorative Solar Outdoor Lantern is made of durable improved polysilicon solar panels and soft white LED lights. After 6-8 hours of full charging in the sunlight, illuminate for 10-12 hours at night. (It is possible that bad weather will influence the illumination time.)

Metal was used to make this hanging decorative solar lantern. The waterproof system can withstand extreme temperatures, as well as rain and snow. Regenerative erosion is effectively prevented by the anti-rust coating on the metal surface. It may be hanging from porches, trees, or resting on a table, sidewalk, or other surface.

There is no need for a cable; simply turn on the switch button once and it will turn on automatically. Remove the solar battery box from above the product and turn the switch on. (The solar panel should be exposed to direct sunshine.)



Material: Metal

Color: Black

Lumens: 15 Lumens

Working Time: 10-12 hours

Battery: NiMH AA 1.2V 800mah rechargeable battery

Size: 5 x 4.7 x 7.6/12 inch

Light Colors: Warm white

Waterproof: IP55

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