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Self-defense Retractable Baton


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The perfect tool to protect yourself! Take this pocket stick with you everywhere for your protection!


This self-defense item extends from 5cm to 12cm in seconds! With its concealable appearance, you can use this staff whenever you are in danger!


This portable stick is made of high quality stainless steel which can be used for martial arts or self defense.


Lightweight with telescopic portability. Easy to hide thanks to its small size (5 cm), take it with you wherever you go to ensure your protection!


One Touch System – Just press the button to unlock the stick and expand it.

Move it away from your face and body beforehand to avoid hurting yourself when it regains its size.


Aerodynamic shape . Spin this stick at incredible speed thanks to its unique micro-concave shape. It reduces the ambient air to increase the rotation speed by more than 30%!


This pocket stick easily returns to its compact form . Just turn it and push it down, then lock it with the top pin.


This item is not made to intentionally harm others, it is a performance stick to be used for self defense and training!


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