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Handmade Ceramic Tagine Painted Turquoise


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This turquoise painted Tagine ceramic handmade pottery pot is perfect for serving party plates.


These colorful cutlery sets are made with Moroccan methods and can be used for cooking and serving. The wide, shallow bottom of tagines cookware helps form an airtight seal, allowing water flow to rise and condensation to fall on the food.


With this Moroccan ceramic, you will not only be able to cook delicious Moroccan food or any other food you like to entertain your guests.


These ceramic cookware will make a great kitchen set for any occasion. They can be used to cook various stews and dishes. And is also very suitable as a serving plate for hot food.


This 2-piece hot plate and handmade pot is very suitable for wedding anniversary gifts, bridal gifts, wedding gifts for couples, mothers birthday gifts, kitchen gifts, creative gifts, new house housewarming gifts, welcome gifts, and Christmas gifts. Creative, ceramic birthday plates or party plates and trays.



Height: 10″

Base: 10″



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