Instagram Engagement Groups Guide

Complete Guide on Instagram Engagement Groups


Instagram Engagement Groups or Instagram Pods are conversations of groups within Instagram and also on other platforms such as there are many groups on the telegram app. We call them engagement groups because everyone participating in such a group is willing to like and comment on other’s posts in return for their posts getting liked or commented.

The main goal of participating in Instagram Engagement groups is to take your post into the Top Post section and get organic development from it. Each group typically has its own rules. Either it’s similar to only like or a comment and a combination of both.

What are the Types of Instagram Engagement Groups?

Typically, these groups have different times of day when everyone drops their posts into a group so that it would gain a high no of likes or comments. It could be very significant indicators for Instagram to rank a person’s content. In this concerns, let us identify the two main types of Instagram Engagement Groups.

instagram engagement groups

1. DM Groups (Typical Instagram Engagement Groups)

Each member allows the group to know when they have published their new post to Instagram. It is generally done through a group Instagram DM. Then, each group member should like or comment on that individual’s post as soon as possible.

A variety of engagement groups has different rules. Still, each group member usually must catch up on providing likes or comments before posting their own to the group.

These likes or comments that you receive from group members provide help to enhance the engagement & visibility of your relevant post on Instagram that, in return, help you to attract new followers.

Where to find it on your niche

You can ask from large accounts in your niche, or you can also try on Facebook. Then, you will have to look for social media or Instagram related Facebook groups. Next is to find a person in your niche and ask to join theirs, or post a listing in one of these groups to search members for your group.

2. Instagram Rounds Groups on Telegram

The basic idea in Rounds engagement groups on Telegram is similar to a regular Instagram engagement group but with a few vital differences. In it, everybody posts at particular scheduled times and not irregularly throughout the day.

Where to Find It

Try the Telegram Engagement Group Directory, and it will direct you to the Telegram Groups that means you will require a username & account to view it. You can check the up-to-date list o the new telegram engagement groups for Instagram with directions on requirements for each & who to contact to gain in.

Why are Telegram Engagement Groups more beneficial than Instagram DM Groups?

They usually are more effective than the Instagram DM Groups for numerous reasons. The more engagement you gain on a post and the faster you acquire it, the higher the Instagram ranks I in the algorithm. Also, the more engagement you receive, the more comprehensive your reach and quicker you will grow.

Therefore, the larger the group, the better your results, and arranging that group to get likes or comments will make it even more powerful. Anyhow, the advantage of a DM group is that members could be more selected at your niche.

Where can I Find These Groups?

It’s quite tough to find a group that has excellent and quality clients in these groups. Often you will be connecting a Telegram group, but those can be much unarranged. The perfect choice to join Hyper, it is the #1 Instagram Engagement Platform in the world. Hyper is a complete app that authorizes you to participate in 100’s of engagement pods within no time.

How does it work?

These groups are large, with thousands of members participating in a whole day. There are typically three types of groups;

  • Like only Pods- They can only like each other posts.
  • Comment only Pods- They can only comment on each other posts.
  • Combined Pods-You can both like or comment on each other posts.

Different Groups-Different Rules

  • A Dx5 group means you need to engage with five posts before giving the link of the post; you have a desire to engage with five people.
  • There are also different groups like Dx10, Dx20, Dx24 & Dx50, etc. groups
  • 24 Hour groups need you to engage with all relevant links in the last 24 hours.
  • Some groups have very fewer follower needs (1k, 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K, etc.), and these groups incline to have Telegram bots that can see if you satisfy the pod’s needs or not.

Are there Instagram Engagement groups for particular niches?

Instagram Engagement Groups for all the big niches are;

  • Fashion Instagram Pods
  • Fitness Instagram Pods
  • Travel Instagram Pods
  • Photographer Instagram Pods
  • Beauty Instagram Pods
  • Parenting Instagram Pods

How to Join It?

There is a no of groups that are closed, these you will need to wait for announcements when they start. Recently, there are some open groups like Wolf Likes, Wolf Comments, Wolf Health & Fitness and Wolf 24th Comments.

What can you do after you join the group?

Initially, you see the rules; they are usually present at the topmost of the group, they involve:

  • Must follow the group’s admin
  • When you drop the link the close the preview
  • Before dropping the link, you must engage.
  • Sometimes you can only leave one or two links in 24 hours.

Best Instagram Engagement Group

In my opinion, the best Instagram Engagement on Telegram is Wolf Pods. They drive a well-arranged group with a variety of niches & multiple active users. Especially, I like their 24 hour Instagram pods. Follow the Wolf Global News & Wolf Global Entry for the latest updates of the group.

Most Popular Instagram Engagement Groups

The following list are the most popular Instagram Engagement Groups;

Instagram Growth 101

This engagement group is for those individuals who don’t have any knowledge and are new to IG or can’t gain the results they require; they will give you all with the content on how to reach a considerable audience on IG while spending nothing on the ads. 

Instagram Pod: Health, Outdoor Life, Fitness, Natural Living & Nutrition

This Instagram pod is all about nutrition, fitness, and health-related posts

The Fashion Pod – Like Follow & Share – Facebook + Instagram

The Fashion Pod group is for developing all of Facebook and Instagram accounts together by liking, commenting, following, and sharing each other’s posts. Fashion related niches only allowed.

Travel Instagram Engagement Group (The #Travel gram Posse)

If you love travel, this group is best for you. It is only for travel accounts, and it is not a group for accounts that post parties, fashion, and home-cooked meals, etc. 

Fitness Instagram POD!

This instagram pad is about a solid group of fitness-related Instagram accounts to create a POD around to help everyone out.

Food gram 2.0 Elite

Food gram is best to keep close people like family or co-workers in touch. One can share messages, photos, and videos with up to 256 immediately.

Instagram Engagement • Beauty, Fashion, Photography

It may be a small group, but they are effective. Join this group, follow the rules, and get their help in your social media.

Instagram Mom’s Community

Mommies are followers of this group. It is a community for Moms of Instagram. They want to create a space where they can help each other reach their goals.  It is for growth and support.

Alex Tooby’s Instagram Marketing Mastermind Pod

It is the sole addition of The Instagram Marketing Mastermind. Here, one can find likeminded Instagrammers to create engagement groups with. 

Comment Pods of Instagram: Dogs Edition

In order to keep the quality of the pods high, you should join here.  Once you have got access, you are welcome to join any available pods.

Instagram Pods & eCommerce

There are ways to boost the eCommerce Sale with Instagram Pods. By applying these strategies into your current online business, you will be able to maximize your engagement & conversion rates. It will permit you to massively enhance eCommerce sales & take your business to the next level. The following are the tactics;

  • Have Knowledge about your audience
  • Make it easy to accesses to your product through Instagram Pods
  • Encouraging your followers to share their photos of using your products with a custom hashtag
  • Discounts, Contests & Giveaways

Entrepreneurs & Startups

For a startup & entrepreneurs perspective, the Instagram pod can seem very intimidating. These groups can provide help to gain traction within a short duration and thus make the business channels profitable.  Additionally, rewarding the posts with higher levels of engagement, Instagram pods also take into consideration the timeliness of the post. These Instagram pods are for like-minded entrepreneurs & startup owners who link with one another and engage with each other posts.

The objective of these pods is to enhance post engagement so that each account can rank higher in the Instagram algorithm. 

Pros of Instagram Pods

  • Enhance likes and comments
  • Promotes your visibility on hashtag searches or explore
  • You can use it to meet people and create connections


  • You will meet some people in engagement groups will not usually care about your mission or what you are trying to do with your Instagram
  • They take very much time or are not fun if you don’t have interested in what the other person in the group are posting and don’t care about the others


Instagram Engagement Groups or Instagram Pods provide necessary help to boost your engagement. Explore the groups, go viral, and get a maximum of new followers as a result. But it does take time, so, be patient.

If you have any doubts or if you think I missed out on any critical details, go ahead & share with me by leaving your comment section. I will appreciate it!

Instagram Engagement Groups Guide

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